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I’m a REAL dog who lives with a REAL family. I’m soft, fluffy and white with big dark eyes and a smile that melts hearts…that’s me!  D-O-R-I! We’ve been together my whole life.  Some things are just meant to be! 

Dori of Dori Stories

I am eleven and a half years old, and although I spend a lot of time lying around now, I had a lot of good dog days…I still do!  I have so many “tails” to tell and they will all be told by me, from a dog’s point of view.  I can see and sense things that sometimes humans can’t.  I have so many adventures to share but let’s begin with how I met my family.   It was, let’s just say… magical!

My first adventure began eleven and a half years ago when I went to live with my REAL family on Christmas morning.  I remember flying in a big sled with a jolly old man who always wore a red suit. We flew to a big brick house where he placed me on a soft blanket in the laundry room.  He smiled, placed his finger to his lips, gave me a wink and was gone…poof!  I could hear little footsteps running all around the house. I was supposed to be quiet but I’m just a puppy and running around the house sounded like so much fun! 

“Yip, yip, yip (here I am).” I barked.

It worked…I heard the pitter patter of little feet running towards the door.  My heart began to pound, my little paws began to dance and my fluffy white tail began to twirl.  I was SO excited!

All of a sudden the door slid wide open and there were the three most beautiful children I had ever seen.  They were squealing and jumping up and down.  My kind of kids!!!

“Look what Santa brought.  Oh I hoped he would! I wished so hard for a puppy!”  Tommy said.

Now, let me tell you about my family.  Tommy is my youngest brother and he loves to run around just like me.  He likes to fall down and roll on the floor just like another puppy.  He told me that he had wished for me his whole life and had asked Santa for me every year.  Can you believe that?  He’s been waiting just for me…I feel so special.

Joey is my older brother and he loves to run too… really fast!  We chase each other around the house in a big circle over and over until we are so tired that we both just fall onto our bellies.  He likes to teach me tricks and will give me a yummy treat when I do them right.  He said he had always wanted a puppy and was so glad I was here.

Chloe is my big sister and she is my comfy lap to lie in.  When I can be still for a few minutes, she will spread out a soft blanket, snuggle next to me and read me these wonderful stories.  She usually pets me while she reads and if I roll over she rubs my belly which feels so good.   She tells me that she’ll love me forever.

Well, after they stopped squealing and jumping, they picked me up and each one gently hugged me.  I was SO happy and licked all their faces with my teeny tiny tongue which made them squeal again.  I was so excited that I needed to move and began to wiggle.  They put me down and we were off running through the kitchen, down the hall, through the living room and back into the kitchen.  Round and round we went until I just couldn’t run anymore.  I dove on my belly to rest and suddenly realized there were 4 more people in the room.  Wow…more family! 

Dori at Christmas

“Aww, she’s so precious.”  Mom said with a great big smile.  She scooped me into her arms and snuggled me up to her neck.  I gave her a kiss and it made her laugh. 

Grandma reached over and patted my head.  I twirled my tail, gave her my cute puppy smile and kissed her hand.    “She is just adorable, I will babysit anytime.”

I now needed to stretch my legs so Mom let me down and I ran over to Dad.  “Hey pup, aren’t you cute.  I think we’re going to be walking buddies.” I jumped up to let him know I approved and nudged his leg with my nose.

Next was my Grandpa.  He was sitting on the couch so I jumped into his lap.  “Hello there little girl.  You are quite the beauty.”  He patted my back and gave me a good scratch.

I jumped down and ran around the Christmas tree then plopped on my belly with my paws outstretched…they called it my superman pose and laughed.

“Welcome home, little girl.”  Mommy whispered with a smile and a wink.


Written By: Dori's Mom

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