My Name Is....Dori Stories

Life is good!  I have a family, a home, a comfy bed, good food but…no name.  They call me names like “Puppy”, “Buttercup”, “Fluffy” and even “Hey You”.  They’re all good names (except for “Hey You”), but I need one of my very own.  So Tommy decided to get the family together to get this done!

“We need to pick a name for our puppy,” he said while running to get a piece of paper and crayon.

The whole family gathered together.  Mom, Dad and Chloe sat on the big couch.  Grandma and Grandpa sat on the smaller couch.  Joey picked me up and let me sit with him in the recliner.  I gave him a big kiss for that!

Tommy came running out of Mommy and Daddy’s room with one of Daddy’s ties around his neck.  He stood in the center of the room with his shoulders thrown back and head held high.  He tried to be very serious but the corners of his mouth kept twitching up into a smile.  Tommy almost ALWAYS had a big smile on his face. 

“Ok, let’s call this meeting to order,” he said while placing his paper and crayon on the coffee table.  Everyone say a name they think would be good for her.”

Chloe raised her hand and said, “Oh, oh how about Jasmine?  I love that name, it’s so pretty!”

I jumped off the chair and sprinted over to Chloe to give her a kiss.

“That’s good, but I think Emma fits her better,” Joey said.

I did a lap around the room and ran over to give Joey a kiss too.

Mom liked Tiki and Grandma suggested Fluffy. 

I took off again and gave Mom and Grandma their kisses.

“I know we live in Florida but how about Snowball since she’s the color of snow?” Dad grinned.

“I like Buttercup,” Grandpa chimed in.

Can’t leave Dad and Grandpa out…more laps and more kisses.

Tommy wrote each name on his paper then put his crayon down.  They were all great names but none really felt like ME!  Tommy had not suggested a name yet.  Instead he watched as I ran up to everyone, jumped up and said hi.  It was fun and made them all laugh!  So I did it over and over and over again!

“What about you Tommy?” Joey asked.  “Do you have a name for her?”

Tommy scrunched his eyebrow ups and pressed his lips together as if he was thinking really, really hard.   

“Did you see that puppy run up to everyone, run away then run back again?  She keeps coming back to say hi, again and again,” he said.

They all laughed and agreed.

With a twinkle in his eye he excitedly said, “DORI, I think her name should be Dori!

I LOVED IT! I took off running, this time all around the house while barking, “Hi, my name is Dori. Hi, my name is Dori.”

Pretty soon, all my kids were running with me.  I was so fast that my floppy ears stuck straight out behind me.  I darted in and around the table and slid as I took the corner onto the hardwood floors.  Finally, I was worn out and did my superman dive onto the carpet by the couch.  All the kids followed and plunked down beside me.

“Well, I think we have the name for our little puppy,” Dad said.  “All those in favor of naming her Dori, raise your hand.”

Everyone’s hands shot up into the air.  Tommy and Joey even raised both hands.

I had to vote too so I jumped up with my two paws in the air and twirled around and around.

Tommy gave me a big hug and whispered, “Welcome to the family Dori.”


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