I was a little tired from all the excitement of the morning but just HAD to take a look around my new home.  So I ran into the other room but didn’t get far and had to slam on my puppy brakes.  I stopped so fast that I almost did a flip and slid right into the couch.  THUD!

“Are you OK puppy?”  Tommy yelled from across the room.  He rushed over, dove onto the floor and patted my head.

I was just fine but could not believe my eyes.  There in the middle of the room was a gigantic tree.  It was so big that the top almost hit the ceiling.  There were pretty ornaments that hung all over the branches and red, blue, green, purple and pink twinkling lights too!  I was amazed and just sat staring at it.

“That’s a Christmas tree,” he said, “We put one up every year right before Santa comes… that’s where he leaves our presents.”

Ohhh, awesome!  It smelled so good, I just had to get closer.  There were so many colorfully wrapped presents underneath and all around the tree.  How could I get in there?  Where was the opening?  I had to get closer! I had to get under that tree!

I took off running, leapt into the air and landed under the tree.  Yipee! This was fun.  I took my nose and pushed the presents this way and that.  I made little puppy noises and twirled onto to my back and wiggled back and forth.  I was having so much fun and the tree smelled so yummy, like I was out in the forest.  Everyone was laughing and trying to catch me.  What a great game!

“Puppy, come here,” Chloe said with a smile and her hands outstretched.

I stopped and poked my head up between two presents and let out a yelp.

“Look, she’s our real, live present.”  Chloe giggled.

Joey sighed and reached in to pull me out.  “Come on girl, you need to come out here with us while we open our presents.”  He sat down and I snuggled onto his lap. 

“Yip, yip?”  Presents for me I thought as I looked as him.  I was so ready to open them but just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.  I drifted off to sleep and dreamed of cookies and bones.

Tommy came over and kissed the top of my head as I slept.  “She’s so cute, isn’t she?”

“She sure is.”  Mom whispered. 

After a while I was woken up…. RIIIIPPPP! RIIIIPPPPP! I popped my head up and saw pieces of wrapping paper scattered all over the floor.  I think I have an idea for another game…let’s run through the wrapping paper!  I had so much energy after my puppy power nap so I took off running, zigging and zagging all around the room.  The paper was flying and I was sliding all over the floor.  All three kids joined in my game, it was SO MUCH FUN!

Dori opening presents

After a few minutes, Tommy picked me up and placed me on the rug.  “Ok girl, let’s see what’s in your presents.

Wait, what?! I get presents too? Alright!  My first one was big and round.  What could it be?  I sniffed and pushed it with my paws but couldn’t tell what it was.  I grabbed the paper with my mouth and flung my head side to side. RIP went the paper and out fell a super, soft, fuzzy brown bed.  I dove in and scooted around the sides.  It felt like I was lying on a fluffy cloud.  This was AWESOME, I had my own special place to sleep.

My next present was smaller and lighter.  I pushed it with my nose and stepped on it with my paw.  SQUEAK!  I jumped back.  What in the world is this?  I wasn’t sure so I put my head down and slowly crept back, inch by inch.  Everyone was laughing so I pounced on it and tore open the paper.  Inside was a brown, teddy bear with big black eyes.  When I grabbed his belly and squeezed…he squeaked. What a great noise.  It was so great that I squeezed it again, and again and again.

Dori's Bear

“Why don’t you give her the last present.”  Dad chuckled as he picked up the toy and put it behind his back. 

This present was lumpy, not soft like the others.  It was a little heavier and didn’t make any noise.  It did smell though…and it smelled DELICIOUS!  I couldn’t rip the paper fast enough.  I twisted it side to side until five yummy bones fell out.  My eyes opened wide and so did my mouth.  I grabbed one and took off running, I did not want Dad to put this one behind his back.  I ran circles around my bed and then plopped into it to enjoy my last present. 

Dori Bones from Christmas

“Let’s clean up the wrapping paper and presents and let the puppy enjoy her bone.”  Mom said. 

Tommy began to clean up but stopped and said, “I think it’s time to name our little puppy.”


 Written By: Dori's Mom

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