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Put a smile on your face by learning about our next rescue, Smiling Dog Rescue, located in Melbourne, Florida!

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Smiling Dog Rescue (Florida)

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Melbourne, FL

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It’s all in the name… Smiling Dog Rescue has a mission to help shelter dogs at risk for euthanasia find a lifetime of happiness. The founder of this Florida chapter was immediately drawn to the cause after fostering her first dog, which was a pitbull. She and her husband fell in love with the pup and after learning the impact they could make, they decided to spread Smiling Dog’s mission to Florida and hired volunteers of their own!

One thing that makes Smiling Dog Rescue so special is their commitment to potential adopters and to their local animal shelter. They will happily walk a potential adopter through the Brevard County South Shelter, and ease the stress that the adoption process may cause. While shelters do a world of good, sometimes they can be overwhelming - from barking to discussing health issues, Smiling Dog Rescue is there through it all.

More than 25 pets have already found their forever home with the help of this rescue, and you can see all of their happy tales here. Check out a list of their current adoptable dogs and if you fall in love with your perfect pet, you can fill out an adoption application here.

Because this shelter is so grounded and helpful within their local community, we give this shelter a 13/10!

After laying eyes on our featured dog, we fell in love! Poppi is a three-year-old good boy (with the cutest spots) who is good with other dogs, but they are unsure of his personality with cats. He’s friendly with new people, has basic obedience training and is up-to-date on all of his vaccinations! Smiling Dog Rescue would prefer the adopter has a yard and able to accommodate Poppi’s need to exercise. Interested in adopting Poppi? Just fill out an online adoption application

Poppi from Smiling Dog Rescue

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