Animal Rescue Review #11 - Nate's Honor Animal RescueFuriday

November's Rescue of the Month prides itself on being honorable. That rescue is.... Nate's Honor Animal Rescue, located in Bradenton, FL!

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Nate's Honor Animal Rescue

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Bradenton, FL

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You'd be hard pressed to find a rescue with a campus and facilities to match those of Nate's Honor Animal Rescue. Located in Bradenton Florida, "The Ranch" campus contains bungalow style homes with doggy doors (or cat doors!) and outdoor cage areas that connect to an indoor counterpart. These bungalows house both dogs and cats, placing them at ease in these luxury shelters! Check out some pictures below:

The Ranch panorama of Nate's Honor Animal Rescue

Not only does Nate's have "The Ranch", but it also has Nate's Place Retail & Adoption Center, the Paws Attic Thrift Store, and adoption events at Petco. You can find all of there locations, addresses, and hours here:

Not only does Nate's facilities make it stand out from other rescues, but its success in live release rates and volume makes it that much more amazing. In 2015, it had a live release rate of 99% for dogs and 97% for cats, while adopting out 1153 dogs and 378 cats. What an achievement! Their mission is "To save the lives of homeless pets by chaning the way our community views animal sheltering and shelter pets. To provide an educational and family-friendly environment that will change their future one animal, one family, and one generation at a time." Well-stated!

This shelter has an amazing campus and multiple locations to maximize their rescuing capability, all while being run 99% off of volunteers. We give Nate's Honor Animal Rescue a 12/10!

Talk about a cutie with some beautiful eyes! Our featured rescue for the month is Betty Boop! Betty Boop is 5 years old and currently hanging out at the Blue Dog Cottage 1 on "The Ranch" campus. She's a Bulldog/American mix and spayed. She's looking for her forever home, so if you're interested in adopting Betty Boop or any other dog from Nate's, check out their adoption FAQ here.

Remember, each month we give 10% of sales to a different rescue, and 20% from our rescue-specific lines you can find here.


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