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We're back for 2018 and making our way back through some of our previous animal rescues. As our business grows, we want to go back and have a bigger impact on those who have helped us prosper. Additionally, we'll only be donating every other month so we can have a bigger impact with our donations. This will allow us to pool together two months worth of proceeds into one donation. As always, at least 10% of every sale will go to an animal rescue, and 20% from our animal activism line.

This is our second rodeo reviewing Misunderstood Mutts, so we'll make sure to quick recap the review from last time. In case you forgot, they're one of the first rescues to pair with us for our special adoption program. Anyone who adopts from their shelter is welcome to a free product form our animal activism collection, no strings attached.They've been hard at work, scheduling new events, rescuing as many dogs as possible.

Shelter Name

Misunderstood Mutts

Rescue Rating

13 out of 10 (Getting better all the time!)

Rescue Location

Portland & Western Washington

Rescue Dog List

Help the Rescue Out




Here's a quick recap of our previous review:

Misunderstood Mutts is in it for the right reason. With a mission to stop the abuse, neglect, overpopulation and euthanasia of dogs, they have successfully made an impact in their very own backyard - including Greater Yakima Valley, Greater Portland area and Puget Sound. As a strictly volunteer-run organization, Misunderstood Mutts places abandoned and homeless dogs in foster homes and ensures that each dog is placed with a family that is the perfect fit for them. Founded in October 2016, this fairly new organization plays an important role in their region and they want to make sure that they’re the right rescue, not only for your new pet, but for you and your family.

Like we mentioned, Misunderstood Mutts has been busy, busy, busy. Coming up on April 21st at The Old Church Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon a red-carpet screening will be held to benefit the Rescue! With such a unique and fun event, definitely make sure to buy tickets for it if you're in the Northwest area of the US. The event will include "comedy, short films, live music, dance teams, dogs, and custom cocktails".

Since our last review, we've noticed a few new parts of their site, one being the "dog of the week" section on their homepage. It's an awesome quick-view into one of their available dogs for adoption. Quick and to the point, it helps get eyes on the doggos that need a loving home ASAP! Additionally, you can check out a list of their current adoptable dogs and if you fall in love with your perfect pet, you can fill out an adoption application here.

After a brief revisit to Misunderstood Mutts, it's hard to see how they could get much better, but unbelievably they add to their overall rating! 13 out of 10!

Our featured rescue from before was Giselle, who is still searching for her perfect match! She's a 5-year-old Mastiff mix who would prefer a home without other dogs and cats. This beautiful girl was found as a stray with one of the worst cases of mange that Misunderstood Mutts had ever seen. But with the care of their wonderful volunteers and foster parents, they nursed her back to health. Giselle is fostered in the Bellingham, WA area and requires thyroid medication once a month. If you’ve fallen in love with Giselle, just as we have, you can fill out an adoption application online.

Giselle from Misunderstood Mutts

For this month's additional featured rescue, we chose Darrell! He's an American Pit Bull Terrier mix located in Maple Valley, WA who's a quirky fellow with a colorful background. He got hit by a bus and his owner couldn't afford the $3000 bill for his injuries. Being such a tough guy, he recovered and now is back to chasing cats and destroying toys. Darrell sounds like quite the dude. Check him out here.

Remember, each month we give 10% of sales to a different rescue, and 20% from our rescue-specific lines you can find here.


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