Animal Rescue Review #3 - Fur-Angel Foundation in Oahu, HawaiiFuriday

We're back with our third animal rescue review. This time, we're going over the Fur-Angel Foundation based in Oahu, Hawaii.

Shelter Name

Fur-Angel Foundation

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Oahu, Hawaii

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This rescue is a foster-based network that helps less fortunate dogs on the island avoid the shelter cycle that many unfortunate animals get stuck in. The rescue goes above and beyond by building a strong network of-like minded foster parents that help train, care for, and adapt to life at a home. On top of this, they've built an educational initiative to promote responsible pet ownership! You can learn more about his awesome initiative here: or read their blog post about the initiative here:

Check out all of the awesome pictures they post on their website, follow them on Instagram, and like their page on Facebook!

We give Fur-Angel Foundation a 12/10!

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Petey and Pauley

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