Animal Rescue Review #4 - Pug Rescue of Austin in Austin, TXFuriday

We're back with our fourth animal rescue review. This time, we're going over the Pug Rescue of Austin based in Austin, TX.

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Pug Rescue of Austin

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Austin, Texas

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Similar to last month's featured rescue, Pug Rescue of Austin is a foster-based network that helps pugs and pug mixes find homes throughout Austin, TX.  They've been helping pugs of all ages and health find homes since 2009, and they're dedicated to continue their mission far into the future. But don't take it from us, just read their mission quote:

"We do not discriminate on the basis of health or age. Our mission is to provide a safe, caring and humane refuge for abandoned pugs and to ensure quality adoptive homes. We promote responsible pug ownership through a mandatory spay/neuter policy and public education about the unique needs of pugs."

The rescue has an awesome website, which is a difficult feat for rescues on tight budgets. On top of this, they have a transparent list of board members (, an awesome pug-themed shop (, and a super organized and busy event calendar ( This non-profit has their "ish" together.

But let's not forget why the rescue is actually, truly amazing. They're doing this all for the doggos. Pug Rescue of Austin has an extensive 13-step adoption process, making sure you're the right fit to be a forever home for the pug. Considering the number of pugs they adopt out each year, this is no small task. Just check out their adoptable pugs list and you'll see what we're talking about.

We give Pug Rescue of Austin a 14/10!

P.S. Did we mention that they also do a featured volunteer spotlight? This rescue just keeps getting cooler.

This month's featured rescue from our shelter of the month special trooper! We've got Blanche, a 9 year old female pug! She's a rad set of wheels to help her get around and needs a forever home.

Blanche Pug Rescue of Austin

Check her out at:


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