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Here it is, the sixth animal rescue review. Today we'll be reviewing Brightside Animal Center in Redmond, Oregon.

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Brightside Animal Center

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Redmond, Oregon

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     Since our last few monthly donations have gone to foster based organizations, we're changing it up for the month of June. The Brightside Animal Center was formerly known as the Humane Society of Redmond and operates out of Redmond, Oregon. They utilize both their own facility, and their own foster network for specific animals that can use a little extra TLC.

Brightside Animal Center holds events regularly and have a calendar extending almost two months ahead of time for their website visitors to see ( One of their regular events is Bow Wow Bingo which they host at 7th Street Brew House each Thursday with cash prizes and proceeds going to the rescue. Brews, pups, and bingo sounds like an exciting event to partake in!

Two things that makes Brightside stand out from a lot of other rescues is their creativity and availability when it comes to their services and fundraising efforts. Their services include lost pets, spay and neuter, microchipping, rehoming, low-cost training and a food bank. Their fundraising efforts include their weekly bingo, other events, bottle and can recycling, a thrift store, and regular donations. There is no shortage of creativity or options with this rescue, making Brightside stand out from many other rescues.

Brightside can donation station

Brightside Bottle and Can Donation Station

Like many other humane societies in the US, Brightside Animal Center publishes their yearly statistics. They have an incredible live release rate of 98.77%! That's a job well done. You can check out their published report here.

Brightside Animal Center adopts out all types of animals (although only cats and dogs are available right now). You can check out their cats here, and their dogs here. If you're looking to adopt, Brightside is definitely the place to go. This is because Brightside doesn't achieve their high live release rate doing things the normal way. One of their main keys to success is how they help you find the right animal to adopt. They do this by interviewing without any pets present, and before meeting any potential pets. After figuring out what type of pet would be best for your lifestyle and family, they bring out the appropriate pets to meet you. This reduces return rates of animals by removing the ability to make an impulse decision. Now that's a cool way to do things!

We give Brightside Animal Center an 11/10!

This month's featured rescue from our shelter of the month is Edwin, a Retriever/Labrador mix who was rescued from a puppy mill operation in Washington. He's being fostered since he needed a little extra TLC to come out of his shell.

Edwin from Brightside Animal Center

If you're interested in Edwin, check out his adoption page here. If you think Edwin is right for you, give Brightside a call! Remember, each month we give 10% of sales to a different rescue, and 20% from our rescue-specific lines you can find here.


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