Animal Rescue Review #8 - Love-A-Bull

Our next shelter review is a special one! Learn more about Love-A-Bull, located in Austin, TX.

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Love-a-Bull is a rescue with an unconventional start. Formerly a social meetup group, the founders of Love-a-Bull were fed up with the negative connotation centered around pitbulls. So, they decided to do something about it! Their mission is to “promote responsible guardianship and improve the image and lives of pit bull type dogs through community support, education, advocacy, and rescue.” We love their dedication to ending Breed Specific Legislation and showing how all breeds are loving animals that can do amazing things. You can even check out their therapy dog program, which uses Pit Bull and Pit Bull mix breeds to make the community a better place:

In addition to their jam-packed mission, Love-a-Bull also has some incredible programs for members of the community. By joining their Meetup Group, locals can take part in monthly walks, exciting fundraisers, and get free basics, intermediate and advanced training for pit bull type dogs. Additionally, the have an extensive list of resources for members and visitors alike. Make sure to check out that tab on their website.

Ready to support this incredible organization? Check out their current list of adoptable dogs here:

This awesome rescue gets an 14/10! We love their commitment to #EndBSL!

Now let’s meet their featured dog, Zoey! Zoey is 3 years old and never stops smiling! She is very well trained, with advanced obedience skills and the ability to walk well on a leash. Zoey would do best as an only dog and in a home with an active lifestyle. Interested in adopting Zoey? Fill out the online application at OR email



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