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Dog Personlity Types Faces

General Personality Types

There are endless ways to classify personality types. You can do it with human-like personality types or by dog specific personality types (like the 9 personalities developed by Dognition). Here’s our own list of dog personality types:

1. The Lapdog

Lap Dog Terrier B=Puppy

We’re not just talking about size here. This dog loves to be by your side (or on top of you) at all possible moments. When you aren’t available to give this dog a massage, they’re not likely to be active or exploring on their own. They’ll certainly do some tricks for a treat or two, and follow you around occasionally to make sure they aren’t missing out on a lap-sitting opportunity

2. Casual Shadow

This dog doesn’t need anything in their life… except for you. They’ll be your shadow no matter where you go, but just like your shadow, won’t get in the way or bother you for attention. Of course, they are following you for the eventual attention they’ll receive and the opportunities that arise for scratches and cuddles.

3. Curious Toddler

Curious and playful dog

Just like an average 2-5 year old human, this pup can’t leave you alone. After all, what you are doing at the moment is currently the most interesting thing in the world according to them! Unlike the Casual Shadow, this dog will prod for your attention. It might be getting in your walking path, nudging your leg, whimpering, barking, or bringing objects to you for play. They’re always watching you out of curiosity, want attention, and want to make you happy (most of the time). This dog personality type isn’t for the feint of heart owner, as these dogs crave constant stimulation from you!

4. Marathon Sprinter

Who would be able to sprint a marathon, much less want to? Well, this dog can and does. Typically the personality type for working breeds, the Marathon Sprinter want to go! Whether it’s at the dog park, playing with your owner, or doing work it’s trained to do, they will go go go. And since being a marathon sprinter doesn’t follow the status quo, they might not be the best listeners all the time. With extensive training, these dogs can be some of the top performers and most intelligent personality types.

5. The Insatiable

Playful huskies in the snow

This personality type can be both positive and negative. This dog is highly energetic and always playfully exploring. They aren’t the most focused when it comes to doing specific tasks since there might be something more interesting going on somewhere else (according to them). Exploration never truly stops (making their interest insatiable), but will love you and cuddle you at the end of the day.

6. Hippie Valedictorian

Smart dog valedictorian

Labeled as free spirited, incredibly intelligent, and a challenger of the status quo. They may not be the best listeners (since you need to provide a good reason for them to obey), but they love the possibilities of life and spending time with their loved ones. If you’re up for a good adventure, so are they.

7. Class Clown

Similar to the Hippie Valedictorian, except a little less free spirited and intelligent. They might not be the brightest, but they’re there for a good time. Play with them, interact with them, and bring them around others because they like to entertain as much as be entertained. Sometimes the class clown comes out in quirky behaviors, clumsy actions, or funny looks.

8. Loving Hermit

Shea being a loving hermit

Hesitant to be a part of large groups and crowds, slow to warm up to strangers, and a charming, sweet personality sets this dog personality apart from others. Just like old hermits from various tales, those who spend the time to meet and discuss the Loving Hermit will be rewarded greatly. In this case the reward is infinite love and companionship. Shyness is their main characteristic. Sometimes this personality type is only an in-between stage for dogs because they have a whole other personality once they warm up to you!

Your Dog and You

Everyone gets a dog for different reasons, but a lot of us get them because we see a little of ourselves in the furry creatures. Maybe it’s how they look, but a lot of times, it’s their personality traits that we recognize. A fun way to compare your personality type with your dog’s is to do this Myers-Briggs personality type test for you and then your dog to see if you match! If you haven't heard of the Myers-Briggs personality types or want to know more about it, here's a great overview of the basics. If you want to check out which breeds are most similar to your personality type, check out two lists by the Thought Catalog and by PureWow. The personality test and the breed comparison might even be a great way to find a breed that fits you and your lifestyle!

Keep in mind that just because a breed is listed with certain personality traits, doesn’t mean that your individual dog will display those (pups are each their own unique being)!


Do you think we missed a personality type? Comment below what personality type you would add!

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