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We like to mix it up every once and a while at Casual Furiday. That's why this next blog post is a little different compared to ones we have done in the past. Rather than covering a general topic regarding cats or dogs, let's review a specific animal rescue! This will be our first post of a long series that reviews each rescue/shelter!

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Ewenity Farms Herding Dog Haven

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Bradenton, Florida

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Ewenity Farms Herding Dog Haven is slightly different from other rescues. This is because they are strictly foster-based. They still have a place to initially bring dogs that are desperately in need of an immediate residence (Ewenity Farm). Initially, this foster-based approach seems to lead to less dogs being able to be taken in... but this is for a good reason. Ewenity Farms specifically deals with herding dogs. As many know, herding dogs are incredibly energetic and demanding type of dog to take care of. They were specifically bred for completing tasks that helped their owners in day-to-day operations. Because of this, they can be a difficult type of dog to raise if you are not active or do not spend a lot of time at home. Having herding dogs caged in a facility that is a rescue, or having them in a large area with other herding dogs can be an issue. Without tasks and human attention, these dogs can become very destructive. When left alone in an area with many other herding dogs, there can be a large number of violent dog fights due to the level of energy these dogs play with. Ewenity Farms solves this issue by sticking to foster-based care before adoption. This way, each dog has the attention and care of an owner (which is clearly much needed).

This rescue not only does a terrific job of screening potential foster parents, but also screening potential adopters. Since they know the bad situations that can occur when a potential adopter does not know the full commitment needed to own a herding dog, they make sure the potential owner is understanding of the responsibility it takes. There is nothing better than a responsible rescue since it helps keep dogs out of the shelter cycle. We may be a little biased since we got one of our best friends from them (an Australian Kelpie). But this also means we know how well they treat their rescues and how much they care!

We give Ewenity Farms Herding Dog Haven a 10/10!

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  • Gordon
    • Gordon

    This organization is run by well-intended, but naive kooky people who would rather a rescue dog be not selected, than taken by someone who they find NOT 100% acceptable. Frankly, it might be easier to adopt a child than adopt a dog thru this group. I strongly suggest finding other rescues that consider the dog rather than their impossible adoption standards.


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