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Let's be honest... pets are freakin' awesome. Let's be honest again... a lot of the products we use to take care of our pets aren't the most environmentally friendly. As we become more conscious of our lifestyles and the impact this has on the environment, it's critical to look for alternative products that don't harm our planet. This is obviously easier said than done. That's why we've compiled a list of items that are simply substitutions for what you'd use anyways to care for your pet. No loss of convenience on your part, huge benefits for the world around you. Many of which we offer here at Casual Furiday.

Poop Bags

The little plastic bags that everyone uses to pick up their pet's poop are usually made from polyethylene. This common type of plastic is made from ethane,which is isolated from natural gas. Clearly this means that common plastic bags are neither friendly to produce, nor friendly to dispose of. The following list of poop bags are more friendly, in both production and disposal. You can find all of these products on Amazon, that we provided below the list.

1. Bio Bags

These bags are made from a resin derived from plants, vegetable oils and other polymers that biodegrade in municipal/industrial landfills. They also meet ASTM D6400 standard specifications, so you know this product actually does what it says. Rumor is they also work very well for home composting.

2. Earth Rated Vegetable-Based Dog Waste Bags

Similar to the Bio Bags, the Earth Rated vegetable-based bag also meets ASTM D6400 specifications. Even their packaging is made from recycled content, making the entire product earth-friendly.

3. My AlphaPet Dog Poop Bags

Just like the others, this bag is ASTM6400 biodegradable certified (see a trend?). On top of this, the My AlphaPet bag also meets the European VINCOTTE standards for backyard composting. While the other product still work well with backyard composting, this one has the European certification. These are made from cornstarch and other bio-based components.

4. See Spot Go Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Must we say it again?! ASTM D6400 certified! These bags are also made from environmentally friendly polymers and cornstarch. The product description claims that the bags will decompose within 3 to 6 months into water and carbon dioxide. That's a great alternative compared to the toxic compounds regular plastic bags decompose into.

5. Pogi's Poop Bags

This bag breaks down in as little as 18 months due to its ETI technology. They're thick and large (9 x 13.5 inches), so you know it will all fit, and most importantly not leak. These specific bags have a fresh powder scent, which helps negate the smell of the present your dog has let you pick up.


1. Planet Dog

Planet Dog has a variety of toys, from stuffable raspberries to different themed balls (like Earth, the Moon, and a football). These toys are 100% recyclable, made in the USA, and claim to be incredibly durable. Some of their products like the artichoke are a little on the smaller side, so make sure to read reviews of the specific product to make sure it’s suitable for your dog. We carry tons of Planet Dog toys that you can check out here.

2. West Paw

Make sure to read the product descriptions, since not all of West Paw’s products claim to be eco-friendly. We’ve selected two of their more popular products that do happen to be 100% recyclable, made in the USA, non-toxic, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. That’s a long list of positives, not to mention that they offer a 100% guarantee on these products as well. The first one is the Guaranteed Tough Dog Bone Chew Toy, which looks like a smooth rubber bone, perfect for endless chewing. The second is a play toy, the Tug-O-War Dog Play Toy, pictured below. West Paw offers many more designs of chew toys, so make sure to explore a little bit before choosing.

3. There is no 3rd list item for the eco-friendly toy section.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find other products that were durable, eco-friendly, and manufactured in a reliable way. If you have any products to suggest for this section, we’d be more than happy to add them if they meet top standards.


If you own a dog, there’s a 95% chance you own a leash for it as well. These leashes are eco-friendly alternatives to what is typically available in stores. Although these may be numbered, all of the leashes listed are excellent options to keep the Earth in mind while walking your dog.

1. Casual Furiday's 100% Hemp Leash by Planet Dog

100% hemp and machine washable. A perfect combo, and a fleece handle for extra softness. Keep in mind, there are several options when it comes to hemp leashes (like Earthdog listed near the end of this post).

2. RASTA DOG Dog Leash Eco-Friendly Bamboo with fleece lining

This leash is made from bamboo, which is kind of weird, but also what makes it really cool and sustainable. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and odor-free, which is undoubtedly useful when your dog is… well, a dog.

3. EcoBark Dog Leash - Eco-Friendly

Our third pick is made from completely different eco-friendly materials compared to the RASTA DOG and Planet Dog options. Made from recycled water bottles, this leash gives a different feel and look compared to hemp or bamboo. It has excellent reviews on the quality of the build, so you can be sure you’re getting a durable product.


1. Casual Furiday's Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar by Planet Dog

Same company, same materials as the Planet Dog leash. Help the Earth and get a matching leash and collar combo with this hemp collar.

2. RASTA DOG Eco-Friendly Bamboo Adjustable Dog Collar

Similar to their leash, the RASTA DOG collar is made of 100% bamboo. Why not get a matching eco-friendly product for your pet’s leash?

3. Cycle Dog Bottle Opener Recycled Dog Collar with Seatbelt Metal Buckle

This collar is slightly different from the previous mentions. Not only is it made of 100% recycled rubber that is odor-free and easily cleanable, but it also is ridiculously reflective to protect your dog at night. On top of this, it has an attached bottle opener (if that’s your thing).

Other recommended stores

There are several stores that offer such a wide variety of products, it’d be better if we just talked about the general store all at once.

• Earthdog

www.earthdog.com offers a large variety of hemp based products. These include collars, leashes, harnesses, beds, and toy ropes. Hemp is sustainable and safe for your pet. Earthdog’s products are all made in Nashville, TN USA and has an extensive FAQ page to answer all of your questions: https://www.earthdog.com/faq.html

If you prefer shopping on Amazon, they also have products listed there: Earthdog Amazon Products

• Wondercide

Wondercide is a company based in Austin, Texas who creates their products here in the USA. These products aren’t necessarily related to the collars, leashes, and toys we presented above. Instead, this company focuses on natural pet products related to pet care, natural pest control, and natural flea & tick prevention. You can see all of the products and information they have to offer here: http://www.wondercide.com/ . Or, if you’d like to view their Amazon products instead: Wondercide Amazon Products

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