Keeping dog hair, thick dirt, and heavy debris from clogging your drain while bathing your dog!Furiday

There is hardly anything more annoying than trying to keep your dog clean and your drain unclogged! Many pet owners bathe their dogs at home. While many would recommend bathing your dog outdoors to avoid cleanup, there are many challenges when bathing your dog outdoors! These include:

  • Keeping your dog clean after the bath! What's the first thing pups love to do right after getting clean? Rolling around in the dirt and grass obviously!
  • Avoiding puddling where you bathe them. If you're in the grass, it can be difficult to not be ankle deep in muddy water while washing your dog!
  • Keeping your dog close and calm. If your dog is an angle and doesn't move, kudos to you! Cherish their peaceful and well-behaved personality. For those of us who aren't so lucky, it can be very difficult to keep your dog still and not trying to sprint away.

So how do you handle bathing your dog indoors? Small dogs can fit in a sink which offers an easy way to wash them at a comfortable level. For larger dogs, one often finds themselves bathing their dog in the bath or shower.

This leads to a very, very annoying problem. That problem is hair, mud, and debris clogging your drains and pipes! If you have long hair yourself, then you already know this struggle. Dogs can make this 10 times worse!

There's a perfect solution though to keep your household eco-friendly and clog-free, avoiding expensive plumber visits or harsh chemicals. One of our product lines by The Shroom Company prevents hair and debris from clogging your pipes! There are three products, for different types of household drains:

  1. The TubShroom - perfect for standard sink or tub drains 1.5" in diameter
  2. The SinkShroom - perfect for smaller sink drains 1.25" in diameter
  3. The ShowerShroom - perfect for stand-up showers 2" in diameter, even with drain covers

Hopefully this quick article helps you find a solution to a common household problem!

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