Picking the Best Dog Treats For Your DogFuriday

Let’s face it - With the amount of all-natural, healthy dog treats floating around, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which brands live up to our standards. I mean, we all want the best for our dogs, don’t we? That’s why we went ahead and did the digging for you, and CocoTherapy came out on top!

For a while, products containing coconut oil were a fad… Or so we thought! Coconut oil provides countless benefits for our pets. It’ll leave their coats shinier, their teeth cleaner and their breath fresher. Not to mention, coconut oil also improves their digestive and immune systems, all while increasing their energy levels and helping build strong bones. The key to CocoTherapy’s success? Their organic virgin coconut oil is 100% natural (really!), and it’s so good even YOU can eat it! And trust us, they’re delicious!

Much like Casual Furiday, CocoTherapy believes in giving back. In fact, they donate to multiple organizations throughout the year, with their main focus on the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). PAWS, the first real animal shelter in the Philippines, cares for over 500 dogs and cats each year. Check out more of CocoTherapy’s work with this deserving rescue!

Now let’s get down to business! CocoTherapy produces a variety of coconut treats, and we hand-picked our favorites, just for you.

If you’re looking for a soft, tasty treat to make your pup’s coat shine, Maggie's Macaroons - Coconut Lemoncello is a perfect pick.


Maggie's Macaroons - Coconut Lemoncello

If you’re looking for a nutritious training treat, Coco-Charms Organic Dog Training Treats are undeniably the way to go. Two flavors, both incredibly tasty.


Coco-Charms Training Treats

If you’re looking for a delicious, well-rounded cookie for sensitive stomachs, Pure Hearts Organic Coconut Cookies would be your best best.

Pure Hearts CocoTherapy Organic Treats

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Hunter Bonar

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