We Adopted 5 Puppies From a Big Box Store!Furiday


Casual Furiday supports rescuing animals rather than buying from big box stores that use puppy mills. We aren't comfortable with the fact that 2.7 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year in the US (Institute of Canine Biology), and don't believe in supporting an industry that perpetuates this problem. We actively donate 10% of every sale to rescues in order to sell responsible pet products and help the community. Down at the bottom, you can take a look at some super cute pictures of adoptable pets though.

Are you a little upset that you were tricked into thinking you'd be looking at cute pictures of puppies but now are instead reading a message about "adopt don't shop"? We don't blame you, and this bait and switch is a common tactic that puppy mills use by promising healthy pure-bred dogs raised in humane conditions, only come-to-find-out the situation is quite the opposite. Here's just a few facts about pet-stores supplied by puppy mills:

  • 165,000 dogs kept in captivity solely to breed for puppy mills (imagine being confined in a birthing prison your whole life) [Source: Humane Society]
  • The incidence of 10 genetic disorders is (42%) greater in purebred dogs [Source: UC Davis] It seems some believe AKC's statement on their website that their is no reputable source to prove purebred hereditary disorder rates, but this study which references many other data sources shows otherwise!
  • Purebreds from puppy mills have a higher rate of fearfulness, anxiety, and aggression towards humans and other dogs [Source: ASPCA]
  • 1.5 million cats and dogs are euthanized per year in shelters [Source: ASPCA]

Some pictures of some super cute rescue dogs with links to their adoption pages:

 Ace - Pet Alliance Sanford, FL

Archie - Chihuahua Mix

Girly - Nate's Honor Animal Rescue Bradenton, FL

Lola - Misunderstood Mutts Bellington, WA

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