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If you've been keeping up with international news lately, you're well aware of the trade disputes between the USA and China. Recently, several reports have been released by The Verge and The Wall Street Journal finding that 4,152 items were being sold on Amazon that were mislabeled, banned, and unsafe for use or consumption. (1)

Several years ago, our business, Casual Furiday, was launched to provide eco-friendly and high quality pet supplies that were made by USA companies from safe materials and ingredients. We've seen the risks of big box retailers and platforms like Amazon and Wish that source the majority of their pet supplies from China. That's why we've always sold products tested by our own dogs and made by USA companies. Even our shirts our printed and shipped from USA companies.

Additionally there has been a recent change in USPS international shipping policies that will no longer misprice international shipping from China to the USA. On October 17th, shipping from China to the USA will no longer be subsidized by unbalanced UPU agreements. This is projected to help USA small-businesses who utilize manufacturers and businesses in the USA.

Good news for our customers as well, since our products are from USA companies, we aren't impacted by this change and neither will you. Prices won't be increased and Casual Furiday will continue to provide the highest quality pet supplies around.

Don't make put your pets at risk by buying from untested retailers who source from unregulated vendors.


[1] - Amazon is reportedly listing thousands of unsafe or banned products by Chaim Gartenberg -

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