Continuing our MissionNews

Casual Furiday not only wants to provide our customers with funny and relatable clothing, but we also want to help spread awareness and support for rescue organizations. Sales of our favorite design (Rescued is My Favorite Breed) not only help spread exposure for rescued dogs and cats, but also provides support for rescue organizations, with 20% of profits going to a different rescue every month.

We're a growing company, and hopefully our customers will help us grow more so that we can give even more to the hardworking shelters around the United States. We'll continue running a sweepstakes every month in order to fairly choose the organization our donation goes to. If Casual Furiday continues to grow, there is a plan to open a Casual Furiday sponsored rescue in an area in which it is needed. We're incredibly appreciative of the support our customers give us, and will continue to show how much we care about them and their animals!

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