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Our founder started Casual Furiday for a few very simple reasons.

  1. Eco-friendly toys were relatively hard to find.
  2. The eco-friendly toys that could be found did not last.
  3. The dog industry can be incredibly harmful to the environment and pet health

With these basic issues in mind, the Casual Furiday team set out to find and test only the best eco-friendly dog products that could be found. These products had to be recyclable and made by a USA company. Preferably most products had to be made in the USA as well. After a few months of searching and testing, we found several reliable products that we could proudly sell to customers. These products met all the criteria we were looking for and solved the issues mentioned above. These are the products that you see on our site right now.

When you shop at Casual Furiday, you know that you're getting tested and true dog products that you can depend on. Our goal is to become the trusted and go-to supplier of durable eco-friendly pet products so you can save time endlessly browsing Amazon and the web, and you can save money by not wasting it on poorly made products! We'll always go above and beyond to respond to any questions, refund or exchange items for you, or just have a friendly conversation. Seriously, shoot our owner and email:!

Here's a few pictures of our testers (both rescues):

Kona (left) and Shea (right)

Kona and Shea rescue dogs and Casual Furiday testers

Kona temporarily giving up on the Orbee-Tuff Nook + Snoop combo!

Kona very angry her toy is difficult to pull apart

Shea rocking her hemp Planet Dog collar.

Shea with the Hemp Planet Dog Collar (her favorite)

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  • John
    • John

    cool to see what you guys are trying to do, my dog bruce (doberman) always tears things up right away so i’m always trying to find better stuff


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