A new partnership with Bear Bear Pet!

Casual Furiday is proud to announce that we're now the preferred onilne retailer for Bear Bear Pet. After extensive research and testing of their products, we will now be the online landing page for their customers looking to purchase one of their products. Bear Bear Pet matches Casual Furiday values, which is why we are excited to partner up. You can check out the collection by clicking here.

All made in the USA and the best approach for conserving water while allowing your pets to roam free outdoors. Perfect for dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, visiting deer, or any other animal that could use a drink near your home! You can check out their three products below. 

Who is Bear Bear Pet and what do they do? Check it out directly from the company's owners:

Who We Are

At Bear Bear Pet, we consider ourselves hydration experts! We have worked with veterinarians and model testers to perfect our products. We are committed to delivering functional, durable, and reliable automatic waterers  to you and your pets.

What We Do

We proudly manufacture and serve the pet, farm, and household goods industries with automatic waterers to keep your pets and animals healthy, happy, and hydrated with fresh water 24/7.