About Casual Furiday

Casual Furiday was founded in 2015 originally as a t-shirt company that specialized in animal pun designs. Now, Casual Furiday helps pet owners find only the highest quality and most eco-friendly products they can get for their pets. Each toy, treat, collar, leash, and more are tested with our own dogs to make sure they're the best you can get your paws on. If we won't give it to our dogs, we sure as heck won't sell it to you!

We're also huge on rescues. At least 10% of each of each sale goes to a local rescue. Casual Furiday cares about the community and well-being of our customers and always strives to meet the highest standards in community and customer service.

Life can be complex, but we like to make things simple. That's why we have one single value that drives our business:
It's quite simple. We hold to this value in everything we do.

For our customers we love that you're here with us. Whether you're just browsing around, reading our blog, or making a purchase, we love that you're present and participating in our little community. We'll do anything to make you love your experience, since that's how we like to feel as customers at other businesses.

For the animals, we want to express our love to those who need it most. That's why we try to donate as much time and money possible to rescues that also express great love for animals in need.

Lastly, we love the world we live in and the Earth that provides so much to us. That's why we try to make sure all of our products are as eco-friendly as possible. 

Thanks for joining us on our journey, we love that you're here. As a token of appreciation, here's our company mascots!

Our two rescues Shea (left) and Kona (right)

Kona and Shea Casual Furiday Mascots

If you have any stories to share, questions to ask, or suggestions for Casual Furiday, please reach out to us at support@casualfuriday.com