BioDOGradable Poop Bags

  • $16.99

Your dog poops, I poop, you poop, we all poop. The difference is that dog poop needs to be picked up. Still using standard plastic grocery bags or standard plastic poop bags? Well now you can stop. Introducing BioDOGradable poop bags, made of bioplastic. Bioplastic is made of non-GMO maze flour and biodegradable polymers.

  • Holds up to 4 lbs of dog waste
  • Made of bioplastic
  • Can be used for purposes other than dog waste cleanup

These bags compost in the same time as other food waste, avoiding the incredibly long and damaging time it takes traditional plastic bags to degrade. Whether you're composting or throwing in the landfill, these bags are better for your community and the Earth's environment.

For extra info on this product, take a look at the FAQ page for BioDOGradable.

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