Eco-Friendly 100% Hemp Adjustable Dog Collar

  • $18.45

Casual Furiday's company value is love, and that includes love for our planet. Standard nylon collars are not biodegradable and are derived from crude oil. These collar bodies are made from 100% naturally dyed hemp, one of nature's strongest fibers that makes a super-strong fabric which is sustainable and biodegradable. These hemp products will stand up to years of salt-water swims, mud puddle baths, snowy romps, and rolls in the sand. The collar is made by Planet Dog, a responsible and environmentally focused pet supply provider based in the state of Maine.

The collar has a durable plastic quick-release buckle and adjustable slider. We know, not completely eco-friendly, but we're waiting on an equally-strong alternative for these buckles since we don't want to risk your pet's safety. This is perfect for small dogs, big dogs, active dogs, and everything in between.

Medium and large collars are 1" wide with fleece lining. Small collars are 1/2" wide with no fleece lining.

Machine wash and air dry.

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