In The Weeds Eco-Friendly Leash - 6 ft, Recycled Rubber, Metal Buckle, Bottle Opener

  • $26.99

In the weeds gives a stylish twist on typical dog fashion. Whether you and your furry best friend are going to Hempfest, a marijuana activism event, or just hanging out at the park, this unique marijuana dog leash design is a great addition.

This leash made by Cycle Dog is handmade in Portland, Oregon and constructed of post-consumer rubber from old bicycle inner tubes. Cool, right? It has the patented Pup Top bottle opener and recycled rubber construction from bicycle inner tubes.

This awesome leash:

  • Is 6ft long
  • Has metal connectors for long-lasting performance
  • Has a patented "Pup Top" bottle opener
  • Is antimicrobial
    • No stink
    • No bacteria growth
    • Easy rinse-to-wash cleaning

Eco-friendly, guaranteed to be incredibly durable, stylish beyond measure, and courteous enough to never leave a beer unopened.

Our team at Casual Furiday even visited the Cycle Dog facility to see how everything was made. With an awesome local staff, in-house manufacturing, and responsible material sourcing, this leash means much more than just the product itself.

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