PAWZ Max Wax - Paw Protector
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PAWZ Max Wax - Paw Protector
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PAWZ Max Wax - Paw Protector
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PAWZ Max Wax - Paw Protector


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One of the best ways to make sure your dog can withstand the extreme hot or cold temperatures is early preparation. Their paw pads can be exposed to extreme cold or hot surfaces that cause pain, cracking, and injury. PAWZ Max Wax is an all natural way to protect your pup's paws. It's quick and easy to apply and protects against chemical burn from ice melt, hot pavement and sand, snow and ice build-up, and more.

  • 100% All Natural
  • Hydrophobic so water rolls right off
  • Protection from chemical burn from ice melt, hot pavement, hot sand, snow and ice build-up
  • No alcohol
  • Moisturizes dry/cracked paw pads
  • No scent or odor
  • Non-toxic and human grade ingredients
  • Safe if your pup licks their paws after application
  • Made of beeswax, lanolin, & vitamin E

As with every product from Casual Furiday, we test everything with our own dogs before selling on our site. That means we like researching and finding companies that make products in the USA, are biodegradable, and/or uses sustainable and safe ingredients. Max Wax has been our go-to after trying them out with our two pups in the Nevada desert. Kona and Shea (our dogs) even wait for us to put this stuff on before they go on hot pavement. You know this stuff is good if both humans and dogs ask for it!

How to Apply

For use year-round. Gently rub a small amount on each pad (enough to provide a thin layer of coverage). Best if used weekly and/or before going out into extreme weather conditions.
Shipping & Delivery

Processing time is 1 to 5 days.

Standard shipping is FREE and takes 3 to 7 days for arrival (excluding processing time). Expedited shipping is a flat rate $12 and takes 1 to 3 days for arrival (excluding processing time).

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