• $13.49

We love bathing our dog at home just as much as the next person... but there's always a huge problem. All of that dog hair and dirt clogs up the drain, stopping water flow and causing more work! That's why we've been looking for a hair filter/hair catcher that does what it's actually advertised to do. Our testers at Casual Furiday finally found a line of products that performed head, hair, and paws above the rest... the TubShroom line!

Some of its features include:

  • A design that allows it to fit inside the drain instead of over it, neatly collecting hair
  • Effortless human and pet hair catching without disruption of water flow
  • Easy cleanup - just wipe it clean and put it back
  • Fits any standard bathtub drain (TubShroom), standard sink drain (SinkShroom), and standard shower drain (ShowerShroom) with a snug fit
  • Guaranteed satisfaction (return it for a refund within 60 days if you don't love it)

This SinkShroom comes in seven different colors: Marina Blue, Brushed Nickel, Clean White, Autumn Orange, Neutral Gray, Clear, and Chrome Edition.

It fits any standard sink drain that's 1.25". Not for tub or shower stall.

Looking for a different TubShroom line product? Check out the TubShroom or ShowerShroom by clicking on their names!

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