Small Dog MAX Reflective Eco-Friendly Leash
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Small Dog MAX Reflective Eco-Friendly Leash
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Small Dog MAX Reflective Eco-Friendly Leash

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Safety is always a concern with our loved ones. The last thing we want to happen is that loved on getting lost in the woods or at the dog park. Visibility with you and your dog is incredibly important, especially when it comes to road safety at night. While walking, biking, or playing in the yard with you dog at night or day, you want prevent the worst from happening.

MAX Reflective Leashes are perfect for helping keep you and your dog safe. They brightly reflect light from cars, the sun, and any other light source so it's easy to spot your dog. On top of that, they're made from the same high quality and durable materials other Cycle Dog leashes are made from (details below). Look great and be safe for a long, long time.

This leash made by Cycle Dog is handmade in Portland, Oregon and constructed of post-consumer rubber from old bicycle inner tubes. Cool, right? It has the patented Pup Top bottle opener and recycled rubber construction from bicycle inner tubes.

This awesome leash:

  • Is 6ft long and 5/8" wide
  • Is typically appropriate for dogs up to 30lbs
  • Has an incredibly reflective design for extra safety
  • Has metal connectors for long-lasting performance
  • Is antimicrobial
    • No stink
    • No bacteria growth
    • Easy rinse-to-wash cleaning

Eco-friendly, guaranteed to be incredibly durable, stylish beyond measure, and courteous enough to never leave a beer unopened.

Our team at Casual Furiday even visited the Cycle Dog facility to see how everything was made. With an awesome local staff, in-house manufacturing, and responsible material sourcing, this leash means much more than just the product itself.

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